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Over 17,000 Campgrounds

Browse from ALL Campground Affiliations (Good Sam, Passport America, etc...). No Restrictions like other tools.

Over 57,000 Points of Interest

The fun of travel and exploring is finding unique places. We have an ever-growing list of locations to choose from.

A Visual Trip Planner

See the Route you are taking, with Campgrounds, Gas Stops, points of interest and more.

See the Cost of your Trip

The Wiz will help to estimate the cost of your trip with Gas and Campground Fees. Updated as you update your trip.

Set Driving Times and Distances

Set your Driving Distances and the map will show you if you may have stretched yourself too thin on a leg of your trip.

Web Based, No Installation

Have a web browser? Of course you do, so don't worry about downloading any applications, or applying updates. Its all built on the web.

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